Schedule of Divine Liturgies


Something you should know

Confessions: Both daily and Sundays before all Liturgies
Baptisms: By appointment. Sponsors must be practicing Catholics
Marriage: Contact your Pastor at least six months in advance. Attendance at PreCana is required.
Religious Education: Grades K-8 Sundays at 11:15 AM
Ministry to the Sick: Kindly notify the rectory office about parishioners who are confined to home, hospital, or convalescent home, so that a priest might visit them.
Sunday Bulletin Deadline: Notices should be phoned in or brought to the Parish Office no later than 12:00 noon on the Monday previous to the publication.
New Parishioners: Welcome to St. Josaphats! Please stop by the Rectory to introduce yourselves and register. We look forward to meeting you.
Bequests: In making out your will, kindly remember your church. St Josaphats Ukrainian Catholic Church of Rochester, NY is our legal title.

From the Pastor

Fr. Philip Weiner
Prayer for Freedom
Please Pray for the Sick and Shut-Ins of our Parish:
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Epistle & Gospel



       If you or a family member are admitted to a hospital for any reason and wish to have a priest come to visit, please notify the parish office. Recent federal privacy laws do not allow hospitals to notify the parish if you are admitted. It is the responsibility of the patient or family to notify the parish office.


Catholic Retreat
Ukrainian Catholic Retreat

       Members of Saint Josaphats Ukrainian Catholic Church have a long history of participation in Retreats. For many years men and women of the Parish participated in Men’s Retreats or Women’s Retreats conducted by Roman Rite priests of the Redemptorist Order.     

st.Josaphats Ukrainian Festival
St. Josaphats Festival

       The St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Festival was established in 1973 as an effort to introduce Ukrainian Arts and Crafts, Ukrainian food, and Ukrainian music and dance to the Greater Rochester community. Since its      

Glory to Jesus Christ!